Wild Calling Cat Food Review

Cat food is full of all kinds of ingredients. How do we know which ones are good for our cats and which aren’t? Enter a new cat food brand that’s simplified cat food to its bare necessities.

Looking at the ingredients on a can of Wild Calling and you’ll see two things: meat and vitamins. That’s it. They call it the art of nutrition, and they pride themselves on it.

Wild Calling has one of the highest percentages of meat in the cat food industry. They supplement their meat with probiotics and vitamins. Everything from their ingredients to their packaging design comes from the United States.

In this Wild Calling cat food review, we’ll take a look at the company and their food. We’ll also share some tips about selecting a quality cat food and keeping your cat on a healthy diet.

What Makes Wild Calling Special?

Read the back of Wild Calling’s packages or visit their website, and you’ll know immediately that they’re different than most pet food companies. Their straight-forward and personable website borders on blunt—they tell it like it is.

Wild Calling has a reason to be confident. They have a lot going for them:

  • They’ve never had to recall any of their food.
  • All ingredients are from the United States and are processed and packaged here.
  • They don’t answer to a board of directors. When they say they’re a small, family-owned business, they mean it: it’s just five of them.

Have You Tried a Rotational Diet for Your Cat?

Wild Calling encourages a rotational diet for pets. They’ve designed their food to be easily rotated. Each product has a base formulation, and proteins and digestive probiotics are added depending on the flavor. Because of the base flavor, picky cats can easily transition between turkey, salmon, and rabbit.

While there isn’t any scientific evidence to support claims that a rotational diet will prevent allergies, it does provide a better variety of nutrients. It can also help train out pickiness in your cat. Feeding your cat a mix of dry and wet food in various flavors may increase their water intake, which helps prevents urinary tract infections.

Tips for Selecting the Best Cat Food

The most important fact about feeding cats is that they’re obligate carnivores. This means that they have to eat meat because it has a vital nutrient missing from other proteins: taurine. In the 1980s, many domestic cats suffered from a taurine deficiency because cat food brands cut corners and filled their food with by-products, grains, and plants.

The illnesses and deaths in the eighties sparked what is now a major movement today: premium cat food. These are foods that source directly from farms or use whole meats or, even better, human-grade meat. You won’t see ingredients like meat by-product because premium cat food brands don’t use leftover human food to make their cat food.

As part of this Wild Calling cat food review, we’ve compiled a few tips.

The First-Three-Ingredient Trick

You don’t have time to read every label online or at the store. That’s why there’s a nifty trick for cat owners who want to ensure quality food without college-level research. Ingredients are listed by weight, so look at the first three ingredients. Since cats are obligate carnivores, if the first three ingredients aren’t meat (including poultry and fish), move on to the next brand.

Avoid Fillers

If you want to spend a little more time selecting a cat food, learn manufacturers’ preferred fillers. Cat food manufacturers try to save money by filling cat food with human food by-products. Some of these are hard for cats to digest or, in some cases, can’t be digested at all. Popular fillers include the following:

Wild Calling Cat Food Review: Trot’n Tommy Canned Food

You probably give your cat a can of turkey food on Thanksgiving. You want them to feel part of the celebration. What about the rest of the year? If the idea hasn’t occurred to you, try Wild Calling’s Trot’n Tommy recipe. According to the reviews, cats go wild for it.

Wild Calling Cat Food Review: Trot’n Tommy Canned Food.

The first ingredient in Trot’n Tommy is turkey. You don’t even have to read the ingredient list. They’ve stamped it on the front: 96% turkey. That means the water, turkey liver, and other ingredients comprise a very small portion of the meal.

It’s fortified with Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3. These supplements aid your cat’s vision, skin, energy, appetite, and bones.

Wild Calling Cat Food Review: Rabbit and Sweet Potato Dry Food

When you pull out the laser pointer, you know your cat is going to lose it. What you Wild Calling Cat Food Review: Rabbit and Sweet Potato Dry Food.probably don’t know was that she’s using hunting instincts from her ancestors. Rabbits flee in erratic motions to confuse their hunters, but even indoor cats don’t fall for that. Thanks, laser pointer.

You’re probably not going to let your cat outside to chase a rabbit, but you can let her taste rabbit. The rabbit and sweet potato recipe mixes rabbit and rabbit meal with sweet potato.

But aren’t potatoes on the filler list? Good memory. Potatoes are part of the nightshade family of plants, but their distant cousin, the sweet potato, isn’t. This doesn’t mean you can feed an entire sweet potato to your cat. She will, however, enjoy a small amount as a tasty treat and to help her digestion.

Wild Calling Cat Food Review: Jumping Salmon Canned Food

Wild Calling Cat Food Review: Jumping Salmon Canned Food.

If you own a cat, you know how much they love seafood. Whether it’s salmon or tuna, your cat wants to be heard as soon it’s open. That’s her food. Hand it over.

Instead of fighting your cat over a tuna melt, feed her the jumping salmon recipe. It’s 96% salmon, and, like the other canned flavors, has Vitamins A, B12, and D3.


There’s a lot to love about Wild Salmon. Their wild west approach cuts through the marketing and lies you’ll see with other brands. They have quality ingredients meant for carnivores. Because of their simplicity, their food will support picky eaters as well as cats with health issues.

As part of this Wild Calling cat food review, we’ve compiled a list of pros:

  • All recipes are grain free.
  • 96% meat in canned food.
  • Relatable mission and philosophy.
  • Ingredients, processing, and packaging are all from the United States.
  • Gluten-free.
  • No artificial ingredients or additives.
  • Supplemented with vitamins and digestive probiotics.


In all our research, we only found one complaint from cat owners. Everyone loves the taste of Wild Calling, and they adore their alternative approach to marketing. They do, however, use Evanger’s to can their food.

Evanger’s has become infamous in the pet food industry in the last few years. In 2017, they had their first recall in 87 years. Many dogs became ill, and one died because traces of a euthanasia drug were found in certain food. The severity of the mistake led to research into their practices.

Evanger’s claimed to use human-grade meat until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found a supplier bill that proved otherwise. The supplier detailed the purchased meat as not fit for human consumption. Since there aren’t laws regulating this type of behavior in the pet food industry, there haven’t been any legal repercussions.

They’ve recently also been accused of bribing witnesses in the lawsuits associated with the 2017 recall.

It’s important to point out that Wild Calling isn’t Evanger’s, and they’re only associated with them through a canning plant. It’s common for small companies to use or rent corporate machinery. Wild Calling still has 100% control over their ingredients and recipes.

How Much Should I Feed my Cat?

Feeding amounts vary by breed, size, and age. Typical feeding instructions include a breakdown by weight. In general, cats should be fed twice a day to support their energy and metabolism. Older or less active cats require less food, while pregnant cats and kittens require more food.

A quality company not only understands the nutritional value of its food but also takes the time to research and share detailed feeding instructions for pets. Wild Calling is one of those quality companies.

Final Thoughts

Most cat owners can relate to Wild Calling’s approach to food. They want quality ingredients that support a long and healthy life for their cats. Many brands claim to do this and don’t, but Wild Calling’s transparency and honesty earn our trust.

Wild Calling began when Tim Peterson and his two sons couldn’t find decent food for their pets. They spent years researching the science of animal diets to perfect their recipes. They weren’t prepared for their own reception, and have even made a few business mistakes along the way.

In this Wild Calling cat food review, we’ve shown that the company isn’t a big cat chow company that wants to fill their food with corn and profit from trusting pet owners. They want to be part of a changing industry that concentrates on animal health and longevity. By removing the additives and by-products, Wild Calling provides simple and nutritious food. Your cat will love it, and you’ll love being part of Wild Calling’s philosophy of “Real. Honest. True.”


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