The Purr-fect Addition to the Family – Siberian Kittens

You are married, you have a house and you have two children, what’s next? The next obvious move is to get a pet, something for the children to play with. With this in mind, you should look at Siberian Kittens. They are the cutest of all kitty cats with their enormous, rotund eyes taking up the majority of their heads. And with the rest of its body resembling a big fluffy ball of fur, look no further than Siberian Kittens as the next member to your family.

Originating from the deepest forests in Russia many centuries ago, it has now become a formal breed. It was first introduced to the States as late as 1990. Due to their origin, Siberian Kittens are born with a thick coat of fur to protect themselves from the harsh elements in the Russian Taiga. Due to the nature of the climate, the food supply is also pretty scarce. This means from a young age, they need to learn how to hunt for survival.

But why would you consider adding Siberian Kittens to your family? What makes them better than all the other kittens out there? All cat breeds will come with their pros and cons, but in the case of the Siberian, the pros are heavily outweighing the cons. This makes it the ideal choice for you and your family, and here are the reasons why.

Why Siberians are so lovable

All kittens are generally playful little things that are keen for attention and affection. Siberian Kittens keep this affectionate personality throughout the five years it takes for them to reach adulthood. This personality then remains for the duration of their life, which can last between 10-15 years. Because of their calm, composed and friendly nature, they are ideal cats to have around children. They can be left safely to play without a worry for the safety of your young ones.

Although not scientifically proven, Siberian’s are considered to be hypoallergenic. This means that they produce less ‘Fel D 1’. This is the protein found mainly in the cats’ saliva that causes humans to have allergic reactions. This makes it much easier for people who are normally allergic, to own a Siberian cat. You can give it as many cuddles as they want to without the worry of a reaction and they will likely cuddle you back!

This goes the same for guests and visitors to your house. The Siberian is not shy when it comes to strangers and is more than happy to share his huge heart with anyone. Being a cat of high intelligence you can teach them some tricks. This will test their brain out, which is almost as agile as the Siberian’s physical body.

The physical prowess of the Siberian

Because of its history of hunting in the Russian Taiga, beneath its thick fur coat, you will find a stocky, well-honed body. Its back legs are slightly longer and more muscular than normal cats, creating a slight arch in its back. At the end of its legs, you will find large round paws and they possess a thick fluffy tail. This means its balance and maneuverability are right up there in the cat world.

If you take the time to play games with your Siberian Kittens, you will improve their balance and agility. Then you have yourself an expert pest controller living in the house. It has been used for hundreds of years in Russia to keep rodents away from stocks of grain. You can guarantee that any mouse in your house will already be on the radar of your resident exterminator. And due to their loving nature, there is a chance that the Siberian may wish to show you their prize catch afterward.

But you won’t mind this one bit because one look from their enchanting eyes and you will forgive them in an instant. The Siberian Kitty has overwhelming eyes which remain oversized as it reaches maturity. The same applies for the fur, as the bundle of fluff matures into a thick fur coat made of three layers. Each of these three layers of fur has a purpose. This includes thermoregulation, protection from water and camouflage in the wild. As soft and soothing as it is to run your fingers through their fur, their fur also needs to be groomed regularly.

Looking after the health of your Siberian

It is possible for the Siberian fur to knot and tangle easily. Due to the loving nature of this friendly feline, grooming the coat at least once a week will not be much of a chore. You may be required to up the grooming level in spring and fall when the seasonal shedding of fur can create more tangles. With the outer coat providing an excellent waterproof layer it can be difficult bath a Siberian cat. This is not a problem as the coat can remain relatively clean by itself.

To make your life easier and their fur cleaner, it is a good idea to keep the litter box clean and fresh. Teaching your Siberian Kittens to go where you want it to go becomes a much simpler task if the toilet is hygienically ready for the job in hand.

A Siberian needs regular dental hygiene to prevent the arrival of diseases. This applies to the ears and eyes too. A weekly clean would be sufficient but you may need to do it more regularly if you notice a buildup of dirt. It is important to groom your Siberian from a young age. Like other breeds, they will experience the majority of their growth in the first year and a half of their life.

Although the care and attention needed by your new Siberian Kittens may seem a bit much, it will be pure pleasure for the lucky groomer. So if you are looking at expanding your family, then Siberian Kittens will be the purr-fect choice for you and the rest of your family.


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