One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel Review

Like all living creatures, exercise is essential for a long and prosperous life for a cat. If your cat remains indoors however, you might find that your cat is not getting enough. Even an indoor cat needs exercise as much as any other cat. How do you get your cat active while staying inside? Keep your cat excited about and engaged in physical activity with the One Fast Cat exercise wheel.

Without a good conduit to release energy, house cats are prone to obesity. You want the best health for your cat so do your best to try to avoid this. Think of a hamster locked in a cage. The One Fast Cat exercise wheel works in the same way. It might seem like an odd concept for a cat, but it seems to work and cats love it.

You do not want your cat to become too inactive and the One Fast Cat exercise wheel is the perfect solution. It provides your cat with an interesting and safe exercise toy to release stored up energy. In nature, a cat would hunt for food daily.  Without the need for hunting, house cats have excess energy they need to dispose of in positive ways.

What is the One Fast Cat exercise wheel?

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

As mentioned earlier, it is much like a hamster wheel, but for cats. The product has a 1.2m (4ft) diameter with a tread width of 25.4cm (10in). It is able to fit domesticated cats of any size comfortably, and can support weight of up to 25 pounds. So even your larger cats can fit on this wheel. It is never too late to get in shape.

The material of the wheel is a protective EVA foam that is both comfortable and practical for cats. Comfortable so even after long use your cat will not feel any pain. Even clawed cats can use it. It is especially effective for them. If cats get bored and have claws, you may notice that they like to misbehave. You do not have to worry about any more scratches on your furniture once your cat is using this. The One Fast Cat exercise wheel will calm down your cat to prevent scratching furniture, and its designed to withstand scratches from cats.

Assembly Required

The wheel itself is somewhat large, being four feet in diameter. You will need to assemble the product before your cat is able to use it. The One Fast Cat exercise wheel comes with all materials needed to assemble and setup is rather straightforward. Additionally, there is a video on the official product website with thorough instructions on assembly. One Fast Cat recommends that you watch the video, especially if you need assistance.

Once assembled, you will notice the product is rather lightweight. This is great, as you can move it to wherever will be most convenient for you and your cat. The recycled plastic used to make the product does not sacrifice and durability. The wheel is noticeably strong and assembly is nothing to worry about.

How Does It Work?

This is the more tricky part. Assembling the product is easy. But how do you get your cat to start using this? You should be aware that this is not meant to be purchased if you do not take the time to train your cat to use it. Cats do not naturally run on wheels, so they must be taught. They may be curious about the new object in their house, but first you must teach them how to exercise on it.

Some cats may figure it out on their own. Some will need your help though. It might seem like a difficult task to train them to use it. One suggestion is to use a laser pointer to get them chasing the light while in the wheel. You can use any cat toy to try to engage them in activity in the wheel. Any of their favorite toys will work, so long as you can motivate them to start moving in the wheel.

It might take some time, but your cat will eventually figure it out. Most cats seem to love it once they get comfortable in it. Give it time and help your cat along the way.

Will My Cat Like This?

Of course! Cats are very curious and this new and interesting object will be sure to catch their attention. Chances are, your cat will be fascinated with the exercise wheel. You will need to guide them to figure out how to use it at first, but once they get the hang of it then it will provide hours of fun.

Just remember it takes patience to train them to use it. Cats do not naturally run on wheels, so while they might be interested, it is not familiar to them. Give it some time and effort in training them to use it. Most cats will catch on quick with your help.

The Rundown

There are plenty of good reasons to get the One Fast Cat exercise wheel. Here is a quick list


  • Easy assembly. Anyone can set this up.
  • Great idea to get indoor cats active and to maintain a healthy lifestyle for otherwise sedentary animals.
  • Any cat can use it. Small, large, young, and old alike. Accessible for every cat.
  • It is a safe way to provide exercise as well.
  • No maintenance and cleanup is easy.

As for the cons to the product, there is only one main one. Not all cats will use it. Most will if you train them to, but some cats will just refuse. This is the only con to this product though, and it is only a small percentage of cats that do not use it. Most cats seem to love it and use it daily.

All in all, the One Fast Cat exercise wheel is a great and recommended purchase, especially for house cats. Once your cat starts to use it, you can see the difference it makes in their lifestyle instantly. An active cat is a happy cat.


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