MidWest Curious Cat Cube ReviewMidWest Curious Cat Cube Review

Do you travel often with your pets and have no place for them to claim as their own? This stylish pet bed is the perfect solution. This lightweight and collapsible cat palace is very easy to put together. No matter where you go, you can bring the cat comforts of home without the hassle.

It’s ideal for small rooms as it takes up no more than 31 square inches of floor space. If necessary, it can fold down to a single bed on the floor or inside a large cat carrier. Optional colors and styles make it easy to maintain the style and décor of any room as well. Otherwise, maybe your cat has their own aesthetic preferences.

The one-story styles come in chocolate brown, grey with a bold white pattern, and grey with a minimal white pattern. The one story options allow your cat a view from one and a half feet high. This fantastic view also gives them an extra angle from which to pounce their toys, playmates, and those pesky lasers! Either way, they can easily keep a careful eye on their kingdom.

Extra Benefits

Does your cat get nervous around big crowds or new guests? The bottom hideaway hole allows your cat to rest in a safe place. If they’re feeling cheeky, sidewall cut-outs encourage play with the plush hanging balls, their owner, or their other pet friends. It’s also a private space to store the socks, toys, and other items they snatch when no one is looking. Your independent feline will love the personal space.

Their choice of location does not affect the quality comfort of your cat’s new resting area. The high views and safe hideaway holes have soft, faux sheepskin cushions to rest upon. Soft cushions can be found on the top and inside. Luxurious faux suede provides extra plush and comfort all around.

Do you have more than one cat or just really want to spoil the one you have? There is also a two-story option in chocolate brown. It sits just barely under 3 feet high, giving your cat more of a playful pouncing advantage. In the right position, it could also act as a ladder to their favorite aerial locations in the room.

As a bonus, this one has a scratch pad on the sidewall in which they can dig their claws as well.

Is this bed purrfect for you?

If you travel often or just appreciate simplicity and style, this is one of the best cat beds to consider. Simple colors and designs accent any room without taking up a lot of space. Your cat will love the soft sheepskin, personal hideaway holes, and hanging toys as well.

There is no way you can go wrong with this choice for such a reasonable price. It has been highly reviewed by nearly 2,000 other happy customers. Improve your cat’s daily routine without breaking the bank or their back. The MidWest Curious Cat Cube will keep your cats entertained and well rested!


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