K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse Review4. K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse Review

Does your diva kitty need a fashionable place for their post-dinner food comas? The K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse will complete the royal look for your little prince or princess.

Resting at a little more than one foot off the ground, your kitten can have a better view of their territory. They can keep guard for prey on the plush, leopard print micro-suede and soft fleece cushion. This luxurious comfort is also available in the lower hideaway hole. The pad below is removable and machine washable. This lower pad is easy to clean and effortlessly conceals a very helpful feature.

A special addition was built into the design with care and consideration in mind. When it gets a little chilly, the lower pad can also be plugged in to act as a heating source. Your power bill or solar battery will be largely unaffected as it only uses 4 watts of power. It’s easy to keep clean and reasonably cheap!

This is wonderful for your cat and allows you to save a lot of money. It’s stable and resistant to most general damage as well. Unlike many cat products, this is one that they cannot inflict irreparable wrath upon.

Safe, Cozy, and Comfortable Design

Do you worry that your rambunctious kitten might do damage to their new shelter? This bed is a great investment since the walls are made of durable plastic. They withstand all the claws and chub your cat can throw around. It will not prevent them from enjoying every inch of luxury this bed can provide.

If your kitten takes trips with you, they can fold, zip, and be easily stowed away for a family trip. It is no problem to carry either, weighing a mere three pounds! It fits perfectly with the rest of your luggage. It allows you to safely include your cat on any family trip.

Beyond being cozy, strong, and secure, it also has a MET approval. In the case of cat beds, it means it passes particular safety standards. It provides top quality comfort and relaxation without risking the well-being of your feline friend. It’s a cat bed you can trust!

Safe for your wallet

You can indulge your cat with these lovely features for a fair price. Give the gift of privacy, security, and relaxation to your cat. A deal as great as this one is hard to deny. Every impact of every bang you get for your buck will not go without notice.

It’s a very easy choice as you don’t have to stress and neither does your cat. They can sleep easy in style and still afford the fanciest tuna.

Don’t wait to spoil your kitten or cat in exactly the way they deserve! Give them the opportunity to rest peacefully atop this stylish fashion statement only fit for a cat as special as yours. Given them the royal appearance without the royal prices.


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