Introducing a new kitten to other cats

The cat should be trained to expect proper behavior. It should be trained to mingle with other cats as well. When you are introducing your kitten to other cats in your area, you should take special precautions. The introduction should take place very smoothly so that your kitten will notice the other cat and there will be friendly behavior. It is easy to introduce a cat to the dog. On the other hand, it will be very difficult to introduce a cat to another cat. The tips and advices offered by experts will help you in this direction.

Introduction of a new kitten

When a cat faces the dog, the cat might view that there will be competition for resources. There will be excited behavior when cats find another dog. The behavior will settle down quickly. The cat might chase the dog. The fight between two cats will be bitter.

If the cat is very young, it is easy to introduce to the adult cat. The young cat will not be able to use the body language as used by matured cats. There will not be any threatening movements by the small cat. Hence, the adult cat will not be aggressive in dealing with the kitten. The young cat has to learn about the territory and it will take time to learn about the competition.

The pet owner should put additional effort in training and introduce the kitten to other cats so that there will not be great conflicts. It will lead to good relationships with other cats in the coming days.


Cats will establish a territory. When you introduce a new kitten to the resident cat, you should take steps so that the resident cat will not feel that its territory is under threat. You should choose a new kitten according to their personality. It should be able to adjust to the environment, neighbors and other animals. If you already have a timid resident cat, you should not go for an outgoing second cat.

You should be able to spend sufficient time with the new kitten as you will want to train it and take care of its needs in different directions. Hence, you should arrange time to collect the kitten when you are able to fulfill the needs of the kitten. The weekend is the ideal time so that you can spend a couple of days together with the kitten.

It is required to prepare the home as well. You can purchase a kitten pen where sufficient space is available for food, bed and toys. The kitten can be confined to the new space very easily. The pen can be folded so that you can move it from one room to another room very easily.

The cat scent

You should take steps to ensure that the new cat’s scent is spread through the house. You will have a scent in the home which is based on various factors. The food items, furniture, children, cleaning solutions and various kindsof equipment and appliances are part of the overall scent in the home. The cat will wipe various corners of the home. The resident cat’s smell will be present on doorposts. It can be found on bed sheets and furniture as well. When you bring the new kitten, you should stroke it occasionally so that you will take steps to spread the new spread. It is also ideal to swap the bedding of two cats so that they will feel comfortable with the change.

Preparation of the pen

The food items, water, toys and various kinds of items required by the kitten can be kept outside the pen. However, the litter tray should be kept inside the pen so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. When you offer secluded space to the kitten, it will get acquainted with the new environment. The door to its room can be opened when the other cat is not present in the room.

A covered box can be provided in the pen so that the kitten will hide to avoid unwanted attention of the cat. As cats are solitary feeders, you can place the bowl of food at a comfortable distance so that it will eat without any issues. The kitten should have access to the cage at any time.

You should notice the instances where the cat and the new kitten are in harmony when they are in close proximity. It should be observed when the kitten is inside the cage and the cat moving freely in the house. The cage can be moved to a distant location. When you move the pen to other rooms, the importance of the resident cat will decrease. However, the areas which are most liked by the resident cat should be avoided.

The progress should be observed for several weeks. You can open the cage and allow the resident cat to move with the new kitten. If the cat and kitten are at comfort level, you should increase the number of sessions. In the beginning, you should monitor them very closely. If you are required to go away from their presence, you should allocate them separate spaces. Close supervision should there until the cat and kitten will reach the comfort level. Usually, the resident cat will befriend with the kitten in few sessions.

The supervision should be present until the friendship develops between cat and kitten. To maintain harmony, the cat and kitten should have access to their own resources such as bed, food bowl, water bowl and litter box.

The social needs of cats will be different from other pets such dogs. In most of the cases, cats feel uncomfortable and they will not go for companionship with other pets. However, they can be trained to reach other pets and they will become quite normal by offering proper training right from the beginning. The kitten behavior should be observed and necessary training should be provided periodically so that it will be your best friend and companion.


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