How to train a Kitten?

Kittens should be trained to the needs of the owner so that it will be a great companion and will be able to attend its needs in a very efficient manner. You should train it early so that there will be little headache in managing various things. By following the simple techniques shared by experts you can make the most of your investment. The kitten should be active and healthy. The kitten should get physical exercise as well. Through the physical exercise, the blood circulation will improve and the immunity levels will increase.

It’s important to learn how to train a kitten to eat the right kind of food and right amount of food. If the kitten eats unhealthy food, it will cause damage to the health. By training the kitten to eat at appropriate times, there will be a great convenience for the owner as well as the kitten. Kittens can be trained very easily. You can teach them various kinds of behaviors by grabbing their attention to the full potential extent.

How to train a kitten with playtime?

The kitten will enjoy it’s playtime. Hence, you should reserve a few hours for playtime on daily basis. The kitten should be mentally and physically fit to accomplish various kinds of things. As soon as the kitten is brought home, it should be trained. It should fit into your family very easily so that it can mingle with your kids as well. It should feel comfortable with the new surroundings and neighbors. There should be a proper way to introduce guests and family members.

Sitting posture

The cat should be trained to sit properly. You should reward the kitten for good behavior so that it will pay attention to go through the instructions. As soon as the kitten sits, you should reward it immediately. You should make a special sound as soon as the bottom of the cat sits on the ground. You can also use ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to convey the message to the kitten. As soon as the kitten obeys your instruction, you should offer the canned cat food or traditional food in a spoon so that it will appreciate the reward.

While training the kitten, you should ensure that the kitten is hungry. If the kitten is already fed, it will not pay attention to the food reward. You should offer the food when the kitten sits in proper posture. The reward should be presented when all the legs are placed on the floor.

Crate training

The kitten should be trained to love the crate. If you feed food in the crate, the kitten will be used to the crate. In the beginning, the crate door should be kept open. As the kitten used to the crate, you can close it for short intervals. When you have many successful sessions with the crate, it will be easy to manage the kitten with the crate during travel.

Handling the kitten

The kitten can be handled in various ways. You should be able to figure out the comfortable positions of the cat. When you hold it in a comfortable position, it will cooperate with you and you will be able to move from one location to another location very easily.

You might want to move with the kitten to the veterinarian’s office. In some instances, the kitten has to be held by your neighbors or your guests. When you teach the kitten various comfortable positions, it will fit into one of the positions very easily and the kitten can be maintained properly in your absence.

The practice and training should be offered at a level kitten can absorb. The petting and holding ways should be followed as per needs. If your kitten is timid, you should reward quiet often. On the other hand, the rewarding frequency will be less when your kitteb can follow the instructions very easily. You should treat the kitten for hold and movement.

If the kitten can be trained at a young age, you will be able to trim nails very easily. You can accomplish brush the teeth and clean ears without any difficulty.

Social time

The socialization of kittens will start early. They will explore possibilities from 2nd to the 7th week. If the kitten is exposed to many people, they will be bold and will be able to face guests very easily. On the other hand, kittens will be very timid and explore possible ways to hide after when visitors come home.

You can overcome the situation by offering various kinds of fun-filled sessions at the young age. You can invite various kinds of people and the kitten will be able to learn and recognize people. The training should go at a pace in tune with the kitten. You should not rush so that it will react out of fear.

You should take time to introduce the kitten to friendly dogs so that it will be able to adjust to various kinds of animals when you move out. The kitten should go through the vaccination before introducing it to other pets.

How to train a kitten by offering toys?

By offering various kinds of toys, you will be able to train the kitten. When you play with the kitten, you will relieve the excess energy present in the pet. It is very important to teach the kitten to play in right ways.

You can try a variety of toys so that you will be able to understand the toy that is loved by the kitten. You should be able to understand the behavior of the kitten. Kittens are different from dogs and the best methods should be explored so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money. By offering special treats on special occasions, the bonding can be further enhanced. It should not use its teeth and claw on people. Also, with toys you can learn how to train a kitten not to bite instead of using your hands and fingers. The kitten will enjoy by playing with a ball or catnip.

There will be great relaxing experience for the kitten owners as well by managing a fully trained kitten.


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