Is catnip a drug?

The catnip is considered a weed and it belongs to the mint family. The family is native to Europe. The height of the plant is up to 3 feet. You can witness purple colored flowers on the end of branches of the plant. There will be a mild reaction by coming in close proximity to the nepetalactone. Human beings rely little on the nose compared to cats. Some kittens will not show any reaction by coming in contact with the catnip. However, others witness an unusual reaction by coming in contact with catnip.

Impact on cats

Some cat owners say there will be euphoria in cats by being exposed to catnip. Arousal and sedation are very common in most cats. The response varies from one cat to another cat. Some cats make moans by being induced by hallucinations.

The oil derived from the catnip plant’s leaves can be used for recreational purpose. Less than 50% of cats are not affected by the presence or exposure of catnip. The plant was used by Europeans in 1400s to treat colic and flatulence in human beings. It was consumed in the form of tea. During the 1960s, catnip was used for smoking as an alternative to marijuana.

Source of catnip

Catnip is also called as Nepeta Cataria. The Nepetalactone present in catnip will bind to the receptors of the cat so that unique response will be produced. The catnip plant is very common in North America. It is grown along highways and railroads.

Chemical reaction with catnip

The chemical reaction that takes place with catnip is genetic. Some kitties will not show any interest by showing catnip to them. There will be an aggressive reaction by other cats. If you find that the cat is aggressive, you should keep catnip away from the cat.

What kind of reaction?

When humans smoke, there will be an interesting effect on their mind. Similarly, catnip is used for the recreational purpose by many people from all over the world.

Different forms of reaction can be found in your cat when it is exposed to catnip. You might experience sniffing, licking and rubbing of catnip. Some cats will eat and roll on a catnip plant. There will be an effect of intoxication by coming in contact with the pet.

You can expose your kitten to catnip in various ways. Catnip can be presented with a mouse. A catnip infused ball can be presented so that the kitten will play with the ball and get affected by the catnip. Animal stores offer catnip banana as well. Even though it is expensive, you can try with banana when your cat is not receptive to other forms.

Furniture designed with catnip can be purchased so that the kitten will spend time on the furniture and the exposure to catnip will take place automatically. You can also order various kinds of sprays and nibblers as well as per your convenience.

Funny moments with catnip

When your cat is exposed to the catnip, there will be funny experiences. The cat will have a good time with the catnip. As per the reports from some cat owners, there will be an increase in their sexual activity. Some cats witness an increase in vocalization. After two minutes, there will not be any reaction to the catnip. When you expose your cat to catnip after two hours, you can witness similar experience.

Opposite effect in humans

The effect that you observe in humans with the exposure to catnip will be the reverse. There will be a great soothing impact on humans by being exposed to catnip. If you are suffering from various kinds of ailments, there will be calming sensation.
It is possible to apply catnip on the skin directly. It can be ingested as well. As happens with all kinds of drugs, there will be few negative effects as well by coming in contact with catnip.

The catnip plant as a drug

You can consider catnip as a drug for cats. There will not be any harm to cats by being exposed to the catnip. You should make efforts to expose the kitten to the catnip smell. Some kitten would like to roll over the catnip so that the ingestion of the weed will take place. There are cats that eat the plant as well.

There will not be over dosage of the catnip plant even though the cat is exposed for a long period of time. After reaching the peak level, the impact of the weed will decrease. The prediction of behavior by being exposed to the weed cannot take place.

Cats go wild on catnip

There are cats that get wild on catnip. In most of the cases, the cats will become wild by being exposed to the plant. In some cases, they may scratch the pet owner as well accidentally. Extreme playful activity can be witnessed by being exposed to the catnip.

Before feeding the catnip, you are advised to offer a toy infused with the catnip plant. You will get a clue about their level of reaction with the catnip. The proportionate quantity of plant can be offered to the pet so that you can find the best form of cat. However, some cats do not like the catnip plant and there will not be any reaction. If your cat does not react to the plant, you can ignore it.

Temporary effect on catnip

The effect that your pet experiences with the exposure to catnip will be temporary. They will wear off after 20 minutes even though you expose them to the plant on a continuous basis. The cat will not show any interest until few hours.

Impact of age

Most of the cats that are influenced by the catnip are aged 6 months and above. You can offer catnip to felines so that they will be crazy and perform various kinds of unusual things under its influence.

Some cats will roll on the floor. Some cats will try to catch invisible birds flying nearby. There will be wild responses from cats by being exposed to catnip.


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