The Chantilly Cat: 8th Wonder of the World

Did you know that the Chantilly Cat is considered the supermodel of the Cat Kingdom? Animal Planet claims it so due to its silky smooth coat, high cheekbones, and hypnotizing eyes.

These cats are not only stunningly beautiful, but are also quite rare to find. Currently, there are no places that breed these exotic species. This makes these furry creatures highly sought out for.

But despite all the glamour and allure of these cats, they tend to live a humble lifestyle. All that really matters to them is showing their love and affection to those they care about.

These charismatic felines make even the Cheshire Cat seem ordinary!

What Does A Chantilly Cat look like?

How do you know you’ve come across this special kind of breed? Well, one thing to note is that it is of medium size and accompanied with a silky smooth coat. A full semi-long coat is the best description of its fur.

It normally takes about 2 years for its silky coat to grow to its full potential, with its coat being much thicker on its hind legs and its tail growing to be very fluffy. With no undercoat, grooming is quite easy.

Its head is broad, its cheeks are quite angular, and should have a medium sized nose and softly squared muzzle.

The original color of their coat is a shade of chocolate. However, they have come in a spectrum of colors such as blue, cinnamon, fawn, and lilac.

The shape of its eyes is oval shaped with a color of gold or amber. Over time, the cat’s eyes tend to intensify, becoming a stronger shade.

Where did the Chantilly Cat come from?

It is rumored this exotic species was bred from the Longhaired Abyssinian and the Havana Brown. To this day the origin of this breed remains a mystery. Many thought this breed to be extinct. However, that all changed in the 1960’s.

It all started in 1967 when a woman by the name of Jennie Robinson from the Neotype Cattery of New York purchased two small kittens with chocolate colored coats and golden eyes from White Plains, New York.

In 1969, the first litter was first born. Soon after, these cats were bred in Florida and Canada due to its appeal.

How did the Chantilly Cat get its name?

This gregarious fellow has had numerous aliases before settling on the name it currently has today. When the Chantilly Cat was first bred, its name was going to be registered under the name, “foreign longhair”.

However, the name didn’t seem to fit the breed. It didn’t seem so appealing. After much debate, they decided to call the new cat breed, “Tiffany”.

Unfortunately, the British registry of cat breeds, GCCF, already had a breed registered under the name “ Tiffanie”, which was a breed mixed with a Chinchilla Persian and a Burmese.

As a way to avoid confusion, breeders changed the name from “Tiffany” to “Chantilly”. Nowadays, this breed is referenced as the Chantilly/ Tiffany.

What Kind of Personality does the Chantilly Cat Have?

Many describe them as mild-mannered. These cuddly buddies are amicable, gentle, and loyal companions, known to show much affection.

In fact, it often enjoys snuggling and lying on the laps of housemates. It’s no surprise why these cats are able to build close bonds with others, showering them with much attention and love.

One of the most interesting talents of these cats is their way of communicating. They like to speak in a sweet and soft chirping voice as if they were singing like beautiful songbirds.

Due to its social behavior, these cats are perfect for household families, senior citizens, and the physically handicapped.

Unfortunately, this cat is not for any who travels for long periods of time. Though these cats don’t need an enormous amount of attention, it does feel loneliness if it does not receive any care and love.

How to Groom a Chantilly Cat

Grooming their beautiful coats is quite simple. It is best to brush its coat every day to remove any loose hairs. If one doesn’t have time to do it every day, then at least twice a week of brushing will suffice.

The brushing will help remove or prevent knots and tangles in the coats of these adorable creatures. Try to keep brushing sessions to no more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, the cat may become irritable.

Brushing will also prevent Chantilly Cats from over grooming themselves. They have been known to leave bald patches throughout their coats and accumulate hairballs in their digestive tracts due to over grooming.

Also, make sure to check on the ears of Chantilly Cats. Due to the amount of hair in the ears of these cats, they can easily build earwax that may lead to health problems, such as ear infections, in the future.

What’s it Like Living with a Chantilly Cat?

Although these cats can be docile at times, it does love to be active. Therefore, they need enough roaming space for them to move around. Chantilly Cats should have ample time for interactive exercise since they enjoy interacting and playing with loved ones.

In terms of house training, they are quite nimble at adapting to the house rules. In fact, many claim they already come house trained. These cats already know what is allowed and what is not permitted within a short amount of time.

What Kind of Food Can a Chantilly Cat Eat?

Chantilly Cats have a very delicate digestive system. Therefore, one must be careful when it comes to feeding these adorable creatures.

Avoid feeding them dairy and corn products to avoid any stomach problems. Set a proper cat diet so that there are no health issues. Following a healthy food health plan will help them live a long and fruitful life.

In a Category of their Own

All in all, Chantilly Cats are an extraordinary and rare species, often known for its beautiful coat and brilliant eyes.

But it’s their wonderful personalities that truly shine. With their playful personalities and tender character, they will win the hearts of anyone who they encounter. One would be lucky to own a wonderful cat like this.


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