Best Vacuums for cat hair

For cat owners everywhere, the joy a cat brings can become a part of your daily life. Cats are active, curious pets, and affectionate. Their playful nature is why the internet loves them.

Cats seem to get around the house into every nook and cranny that exists. They worsen the situation by making playful nuisances of themselves wherever possible. They also have a very chill side to their personalities, making them notorious for just loafing around and causing havoc.

This is where the dark side of cats appear – cat hair. We find it everywhere they lounge: furniture, tunnels under chairs, carpet, and anywhere a cat fancies. This transforms your otherwise clean surface to look like cat snow.

This is a huge inconvenience for most of us with harmful implications to our health. If you have even a slight allergy to cat hair – as many people do – then an excessive amount of cat hair can exacerbate the problem.

The worst part is when we try to vacuum our carpet, and it seems like our vacuum is no match to the mighty cat fur. Thankfully, companies have heard the complaints of customers and have built vacuums specifically for cat hair.

Although this is a good thing, many of us don’t know what is the best vacuums for cat hair to choose. This is where we come in. We’ll inform you with everything you need to know. That way, companies can’t give you misinformation and sell you something that doesn’t fit your needs and budget.

Remarkably, there are distinctions between your vacuum and these cat hair vacuums.

What Makes the Difference?

  1. Better Suction

The biggest difference between normal vacuums and cat hair vacuums is definitely sunction. Better sunction simply equals more cat hair in your vacuum. This is achieved through extra airways and narrower distance from the head. These increase sunction and make sure that the deepest crevices of your home is no mach for the vacuum

  1. Better Filtration Systems

Filitration systems is what make vacuums stand out from other pet vacuums. These filitration systems remove the allergens and odors in your carpet. The most popular of these filitration systems is the HEPA filters. Better filtration systems equal a more exact clean with less allergens and odors in the air.

  1. Specialized Attachments

There are harder places to reach in your home and these call for special attachments. Brush rollers being one of the most unique attachments for cat vacuums. It can even be used directly on your cat! A word of advise, test it first before you go to bed looking like a Freddy Krueger victim.

Below are some of the best vacuums that include these top 3 distrinctions. What you choose is based on your requirements.

Vax H85 Ga P18 Gator Pet Cordless Vacuum CleanerVax H85-GA-P18 Gator 9.5 x 32 x 14
HOOVER WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless CordedHoover WindTunnel 3 Pro16.9 x 12.6 x 34.5
Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser VacuumBissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser13.5 x 12.4 x 46.8
ECOVACS Deebot N78 Robot Vacuum CleanerECOVACS DEEBOT N7813.9 x 13.9 x 3.3
Eureka AS2113A AirSpeed ONE Bagless Upright VacuumEureka AS One Pet13 x 12.5 x 43

Vax H85-GA-P18 Gator Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Vax H85 Ga P18 Gator Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleanerreview

Vax is a household name in the UK. They have spent 40 years innovating to build the simplest yet the most effective vacuum available. This vacuum is handheld and lightweight. At the same time, full-size vacuums have other benefits. What this means is that you should evaluate whether or not this functionality suits your own setup.

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Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Vacuum UH70931PC ReviewHOOVER WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Corded

Brands are what make a product stand out. Hoover is one of those companies with a remarkable brand that has been a leader in the pet vaccum market. They have been unwavering is technology, quality, and a firm commitment in the customer first.

They use a bagless upright vacuum technology, making their vacuums more compact since it stays upright. Their vacuums are also incredibly reliable. Hoover vacuums require less maintenance since it has a system that can empty the dirt from the vacuuming. And this is without needing an external bag!

Just like anything, the brand doesn’t tell the entire story. This is why we’ve specifically compiled a Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Vacuum UH70931PC review to outline the best features in the vacuum.

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Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum reviewBissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum

Bissell is another well-known brand for making dependable and affordable machines. One of the main strengths of this model is that it can tackle what other devices can’t. Namely, long hair of pets that tend to block other pet vacuums.

Whatever you’re doing: cleaning floors, curtains, stairs, or furniture, you can trust this product to lift away every stray hair.

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ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ECOVACS Deebot N78 Robot Vacuum CleanerReview

Most of the focus on improving pet vacuums applies to improving suction and design for efficient cleaning. This is where innovation comes into the equation. This is where ECOVACS makes a huge leap in innovation.

ECOVACS is a Chinese company that specializes in robot cleaners. They are actually originally an electronics company, meaning they have strong competency in building great robotics.

This is where the robotic vacuum cleaner saves your life. All you do is program a robot vacuum once and then it works auomtatically. It does everything from cleaning to even self-charging! Release it and forget about it.

While this works well in theory, there are a few things to take into consideration to make sure it works for you in practice.

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Eureka AS One Pet Bagless Upright AS2130A reviewEureka AS2113A AirSpeed ONE Bagless Upright Vacuum

This is an interesting vacuum since unlike the other cheaper options on this list it has the full functionality of a complete vacuum (as opposed to handheld or robot vacuums. It is a good contender for one of the best vacuums for cat hair. This vacuum line is also incredibly affordable, coming in at a fraction of the cost of some other upright vacuums!

That being said, you should consider the following factors to decide if the Eureka AS One is right for you. Choosing the best vacuums for cat hair depends on your personal factors and what you need from the device. Among them comes the overall performance of the model.

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Choosing the best vacuums for cat hair

In this comprehensive review, we have reviewed plenty of different types of cat hair vacuum from a wide range of price points. Don’t let the hype and flashy features get to you. At the end of the day, the most important factors to decide what’s good for your home boils down to:

  • Type of cat hair
  • Regularity of use
  • Cost
  • Types of floors
  • Intended level of clean

If you take these factors into account, it will become incredibly easy to choose the right vacuum for you. For example, if you have a short-haired cat and a small wooden floored room to clean, the Vax Gator or the Deebot N78 would do the trick. If you need a vacuum that can handle tricky hair stuck in thick carpet, then something like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser would be up to the task.

Take your needs and options into account and finding the best vacuums for cat hair becomes a breeze. Thankfully, there are options for all your needs and wants. Remember that one vacuum will not suit everyone. The leading few here should give you an idea of some of the best on the market currently.

Your cat is your best friend, but they do have a major flaw – cat fur. This can easily be overcome with a right vacuum to keep your home as clean as possible. That way, you both can stay the best of friends for a long time to come!


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