Choosing the Best Cat Beds

Your cat will always find somewhere in the house to catch some Zs. It may be your pile of laundry, empty boxes, your computer keyboard, or maybe even your own bed. However, isn’t it time to consider giving them a special place of their own?

There are several different types of cat beds, so it’s important to observe the types of places your cat likes to rest. Do they typically prefer enclosed spaces over open ones or cool spots over warm ones? Do they rest lower to the ground or high up in the air? Are there certain materials they’re more drawn to than others?

These are important things to watch for. Then when you introduce the new bed, the aid of catnip and other tactics will not be necessary to encourage exploration of the new gift.

If your cat is more active and playful, it’s worth considering if you should find a bed with accessories. Some beds may come with scratching posts, dangling toys, or other objects of intrigue built into them. If only they made one with timed laser toy to keep the more excitable cats busy.

the best cat beds - top 5

Other Factors to Consider

The type of material is also very important to consider. Think about how easy it is to keep clean and maintain. Some beds may come with machine washable pillows and pads. Others might be more prone to collecting filth, while some may be better deterrents of dirt and stains.

If you choose a material that is hard to clean, you might end up losing money on your investment.

The height of the bed is also important. Some might lay on the ground while others raise higher above the ground. Generally, cats feel safer up high so they can be more aware of their surroundings.

You should also be aware of the weight issues if you have an obese cat. Some raised beds or beds with heating pads might not be safe for your fat feline. There are some with multiple resting areas if you have several cats or just one very spoiled one.

Finding a Match for your Feline’s Lifestyle

There are even beds made for outdoor cats. The weatherproof and insulated materials are often used to provide maximum security and comfort in their designs. These also may include optional heating pads that keep your kitty comfortable even in the harshest of weather.

If your cat is indoors, you don’t have to be concerned with the aesthetics of your living space. Many of the best cat beds come in several options of color schemes and patterns. Others are even designed to accentuate your existing décor. They blend in as a piece of art or furniture while providing your cat a private space in which to relax.

The amount of cat beds on the market can be intimidating when trying to choose the perfect one. So where do you begin? We have compiled a list of five of the best cat beds that cover a variety of styles and sizes. Find the ideal comfort zone for your cat below.

MidWest Curious Cat Cube16.5 x 15.5 x 15.5
Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave19 x 12 x 19
K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House22 x 18 x 17
4. K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse ReviewK&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse17 x 16 x 13
Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed ReviewKitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed17 x 28 x 17

MidWest Curious Cat CubeMidWest Curious Cat Cube Review

Do you travel often with your pets and have no place for them to claim as their own? This stylish pet bed is the perfect solution. This lightweight and collapsible cat palace is very easy to put together. No matter where you go, you can bring the cat comforts of home without the hassle.

It’s ideal for small rooms as it takes up no more than 31 square inches of floor space. If necessary, it can fold down to a single bed on the floor or inside a large cat carrier. Optional colors and styles make it easy to maintain the style and décor of any room as well. Otherwise, maybe your cat has their own aesthetic preferences.

The one-story styles come in chocolate brown, grey with a bold white pattern, and grey with a minimal white pattern. The one story options allow your cat a view from one and a half feet high. This fantastic view also gives them an extra angle from which to pounce their toys, playmates, and those pesky lasers! Either way, they can easily keep a careful eye on their kingdom.

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Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave2. Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave Review

Are you an eco-conscious shopper that wants to give their cat the gift of personal space? Look no further than the Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave!

This is one of the best cat beds for those conscious of natural health. They are handmade in Nepal through a process called felting. There are no harmful ingredients used. It is simply made with 100% all-natural wool, soap, water, and pressure.

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K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty HouseK&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House Review

Do you have an adventurous cat that likes to play inside and outside? The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House perfectly provides them warmth and shelter in their favorite indoor and outdoor spots.

This bed resembles a traditional dog house and only takes up 1.76 square feet of floor space. It consists of only 3 different pieces that are easy to assemble on the go. Absolutely no tools are necessary. It has simple zippers and hooks that come together in a snap!

Additionally, its weight of 6 pounds makes it easy to move while providing enough stability for your cat to be secure regardless of location. If they prefer to stay outdoors, this means you can be worry-free about winds blowing your kitty away.

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K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse4. K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse Review

Does your diva kitty need a fashionable place for their post-dinner food comas? The K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse will complete the royal look for your little prince or princess.

Resting at a little more than one foot off the ground, your kitten can have a better view of their territory. They can keep guard for prey on the plush, leopard print micro-suede and soft fleece cushion. This luxurious comfort is also available in the lower hideaway hole. The pad below is removable and machine washable. This lower pad is easy to clean and effortlessly conceals a very helpful feature.

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Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed

Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed Review

Does your cat deserve a bed that incites the envy of their friends and yours? The Kitty Ball Rattan Cab Bed is the choice for you. It is an aesthetic accent for your existing décor that your cat will never take for granted.

Sitting 1.5 feet off the ground, this cozy cat dome provides the ultimate horizon view from a safe enclosure. Its 1.5-foot inner diameter leaves plenty of space for them to stretch out inside of and relax. It is only available in one color. However, it is an easy accessory color to pair with all the schemes and themes throughout your home. On the other hand, the shape of the bed is unique and intriguing.

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