Balinese Kittens Will Leave you Smitten

Balinese kittens are the perfect choice for a new pet. But only if you are single or live by yourself. Don’t get me wrong, they are ideal for lonely people who are longing for companionships. But this is not what I meant. Balinese kittens are incredibly adorable, you will fall in love with them immediately. Then the other person in your life is forced to compete for some love and attention. It won’t end well and the Balinese kittens will come out on top.

All joking aside, Balinese kittens are an excellent addition to any household. You need to be willing to put a little bit of effort in, but the rewards are worthwhile. They will mature into a companion similar to that of a dog. And being very inquisitive, they like to be involved with everything. They are very vocal, albeit with a much softer voice than other cats. Intelligence is high with this breed and teaching tricks and walking on a leash is possible.

The History of the Balinese

As it is with lots of breeds, the early history is often disputed and unclear. The Balinese has made a few appearances throughout history. It is potentially seen on a Chinese tapestry and also in a magazine issued in 1871. But the breed was only officially recognized by the International Cat Association as recently as 1979. The first official breeding program started in the 1950s and it was here that the Balinese got its name.

The cat did not originate from the Island of Bali. It was merely the Balinese’s graceful demeanor that reminded breeder Helen Smith of the Balinese dancers from this island. It originated as a breed from the States, although its roots come from the Siamese cat originating from Thailand. The Siamese cat would occasionally produce a litter containing a long-haired variation. It was believed to be a genetic irregularity back then but it is thought to be a natural mutation nowadays.

Balinese Behavioral Characteristics

A Balinese cat is basically a Siamese cat but with longer hair. They share the same personality but the Balinese tends to be a little calmer and softer speaking than the Siamese. The Balinese still has that playful and energetic attitude and can be a handful sometimes. They will follow you around and try to help you out with whatever jobs you are doing. If you try to ignore them, it won’t work. The Balinese loves to receive as much attention as it likes to share around.

It is very friendly and will be willing to speak and play with anyone. It makes it a good cat to have around children and can be left to play in safety. The Balinese is also not shy around other animals and pets. It playful and endearing nature means even other animals can’t escape their charm. The Balinese cat is known to get on very well with other cats, dogs can be a good friend too. Maybe they can connect with dogs because of the personality similarities.

Balinese cats are easily trained and are coherent to house rules from a young age. The kittens are a handful but they are constantly learning through the games they play. Teaching them tricks can enhance their already active brain. Taking them for walks, similar to a dog, can be an excitable experience for them. You can also take them in your car with you if you train them from a young age.

Hidden beneath their fluffy exterior, you will find a sleek and athletic body. This cat can perform acrobatics that ranks up there with the best in the cat world. The Balinese is very agile and this is well practiced with the amount of jumping and playing that they do. From a young age, they are very mischievous little things.

Balinese kittens are enjoyably annoying

Before your Balinese kittens move into your house, you best prepare it for them. With their overly playful and investigative personality, they are hard to keep track of. Combined with their natural agility and their slender body, they can get lost easily. You will need to Balinese proof your home, covering little holes and removing fragile objects from high places.

With all this mischievous behavior, the Balinese kittens still manage to keep their graceful style of movement. Even from birth, they ooze class and sophistication, just in the form of a cute fluffy thing. They are born with a lot of fur but it is still shorter than when they reach adulthood. Their fur is completely white when they are born. It is only through maturity that their fur turns creamy and they develop the darker colorations.

Balinese cats spend 9 weeks through pregnancy and once they are born, they need 6 weeks of weaning. After this, they are pretty much full-time entertainment. Balinese cats are not recommended for people who are looking for a pet to leave to their selves. But if you are looking for a friend then Balinese Kittens are a perfect choice.

Spending time with your Balinese Kittens will build a bond that will become unbreakable. They will do what you want them to do if you install this idea from a young age. But they will expect you to do what they want you to do in return. You just won’t be able to ignore them, even if you wanted to. Their cute little faces and piercing blue eyes are one reason. The other is their persistence and energy that will force you to give in eventually.

If you are looking for a new companion, then a Balinese cat is an ideal partner. Finding one can be hard, but there are reputable breeders out there. The breed is fairly new and therefore it is still reasonably rare to find decent pedigree Balinese. But do not fret because they are out there and they are waiting for you to be their new friend.


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